Michael Aloysius Kingston, 'M.A.K.' is a singer-songwriter with local roots, who got his start in music on the west coast in the mid 1990's. MAK made his mark on the Tempe AZ music scene, fronting original bands, Hue and The Dark Nights, before returning to Philadelphia in 1999. MAK spent two years playing music with family band some failed start up bands before joining local rock band, Swedeland, where he contributed lead guitar and vocals from 2011 - 2014.

  After a of near death experience in 2010 in a good samaritan act MAK most recently landed up in a hospital bed for several months, with nothing but reflecting on his heart’s desires and reflecting on his purpose to comfort him. The reflection turned to ephiany and a renewed vigor and dedication to his original craft, once again as a writer and frontman. MAK Feels content from this recounting and has since has carved a life of hard grafting behind the scenes. Thus MAK is performing his songs to share with others, to take them to the realms of outer space when down here on earth things are getting a bit messy. Now more than ever, he believes in the power of music to heal, to bring joy and to comfort. 





MAK's pioneering spirit coupled with great mentors has molded his understanding of the power of music for personal transformation, thus helped to shaped the message of his works. Through his performance and recording work, MAK is on a mission to offer comfort to those who, like him, have battled with being out of place, who have struggled to surrender to the calling of something deeper, and tried to resist the temptation to appease their souls. 

   MAK’s music ranges from lighthearted latin rhythm inspired narratives to haunting and ambient explorations into some of the most uncomfortable, yet eerily alluring corners of life that we try so hard to ignore. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s a transformational tale in 'Outer Space",  that will move you to another dimension. His is a calling that cannot be ignored. All  previous works unpublished will form the foundation of your listening enjoyment with his first ever full studio album. The debut of a late bloomer…. MAK.

 M.A. Kingston's solo debut, 'Outer Space', due to be released August, 9th 2016. iTunes/Google Play pre-release June 19th, 2016.



Photographer: Avi Loren Fox

Musician: Michael A Kingston